About Us

We listen. 
We build relationships on trust.

Innovation is key

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on how many businesses are adapting and overcoming. That’s no different in our corner. We are adapting quickly and have been innovative in how we serve our strata and body corporate communities.

We now visit our schemes more often in order to provide virtual and photographic updates to our communities on building projects and maintenance issues.

We conduct our scheduled meetings either at the communities address or very nearby and use the latest virtual and secure software so all stakeholders can be kept fully informed of

any issues no matter where they are based.

Regular electronic updates are sent via emails to all Owners for future and current meetings, minutes and decisions made. All historical decisions and records are also available online via our Owners portal.

We utilise a paperless office where we can to streamline efficiencies in our communications to the communities leading to a more sustainable environment.

Why Choose us

for Strata Communities

We provide legendary service in strengthening our strata and body corporate communities.

for value

Our lower operating costs allow us to bring far better value to your strata and body corporate community.

for Relationships

Our relationships with our communities are built on our values - trust, honesty and integrity.

For Innovation

We use the latest technology in delivering virtual & on site meetings, regular on site inspections & updates.

For Experience

We provide proactive building maintenance schedules allowing your community to stay on top of things.

Our Vision & Mission

We aim to build trust with our communities and hold long lasting relationships to better each and every one of our communities. Whether you’re an owner living at the community, an investor, or you use it for regular family holidays or breaks away, we value your part within the community.

We Work With

Save 20%+ on your body corporate / strata management fees*

Looking to sharpen the pencil on your current body corporate/strata management fee? Look no further, we guarantee to save you at least 20% off your body corporate/strata management fees*.

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How you ask?!

With less overheads and a streamlined operating approach we are able to cut your body corporate/strata management fees significantly.

We can meet you or the Committee in person, prepare a motion, and provide an agreement to include in your next AGM Notice and Agenda.  We provide assistance with answering any questions that Owners or the Committee may have.  

We take away any concern of what to do and arrange all the requirements for transition over to us.

Just fill in the form below and we will be in contact to get you on your way to saving.

* The savings are for the management/secretarial fees only and are for body corporates of 20 Lots/Units or larger, and excludes Disbursements, Accountancy, BAS, Annual returns, and any Additional Services as defined under the agreement.

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